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Schedule a FREE 15 Minute Consult

With a Licensed Physical Therapist!

Do you have questions you'd like some free professional advice on?  Are you curious what occurs within a physical or occupational therapy visit?  Did you get a diagnosis from a physician and want to know if therapy can help?

Simply fill out this form to see if you qualify for a free 15 minute consult!

During your 15 minute consult you can address issues with:

  • Pain

  • Balance

  • Range Of Motion

  • Difficulty Walking

  • Weakness

  • Falls

  • Surgical Rehabilitation 

  • Posture

  • And Much More!

All 15 minute consults are with a licensed Physical Therapist and you can choose whether it's via Zoom Video or a phone call.  Fill out our form now to see if you qualify!

We're here to help!  If you have questions fill out the form below
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